Thursday, May 1, 2008

How do you....

How do you rationalize to a 2 year old (A), at 4 am, that:

1 - "no, she was not just at the museum" - it was just a dream.
2 - no, we will not be going to said museum RIGHT NOW.
3 - to convince her to go back to sleep.
4 - to go back to sleep before waking her twin sister with her screaming!

We are sitting here at 4:45 watching DVR'd Diego!


Mimi said...

Oh no! Why did she get the museum in her little head? Kids are so funny. They really keep us moms on our toes! This will be a good story to tell her when she's older. It looks like you deserve a nice nap today!

JoannaB said...

My grandson likes to wake at 5 am - his favourite TV programme at the moment is rug rats - which my own girls used to like to watch.