Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Endoscopy #2

A had her second endoscopy yesterday.

The one in April looked totally clear, only 1 biopsy taken - from the stomach, no one even looked for eos like they were supposed to GGRRR. Fired that GI when he lied to me and wanted to "wait and see" if my 4 year old would miraculously heal herself.

The one yesterday - New GI. Scope shows esophagus has bumps on it and inflammation, stomach has an irritated area. 8 biopsies from the esophagus and 2 from the stomach were taken. Duodemum was visually clear and no biopsies.

GI said that it could all be related to GERD or she could have EE. We wait for biopsies. Follow up appt is next Tuesday.

I am frustrated that she looks worse, she is on 2 reflux meds (recently increased for weight gain) and off of 20 foods.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well school is starting soon, the end of Aug. to be precise.

Diva is a second grader, but first she will finish up her 1st grade Math book. She has requested that the entire year be devoted to Abe Lincoln. I am pretty sure that her sisters will not go for that LOL. She would also like to learn to write cursive. Hopefully the left to right progress of all letters will assist her in keeping from reversals.

Curly Girl is a first grader. She wants to learn about dinosaurs and bugs and stuff.

The Wondertwins will be preschoolers again, who are along for the ride.

We are also participating in Classical Conversations this year. This program will be a wonderful way for us to stay on top of things this year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New GI

Little A saw her new GI today. I really liked him. He is also thinking that she could have an EGID, but is not limiting his vision to just that. A has another EGD/endoscopy scheduled for this coming Tuesday, please pray for her. Doc will take multiple biopsies from multiple places.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Forgot to update...

Not long after the last post, we made more changes to A's life.

1 - her patch test should up as positive to pork and beef. We eliminated these 2 meats from her diet, and therefore she is essentially vegetarian. She does eat venison when we can get it.

2 - we fired her GI doc. Well not officially yet. He wants to wait and see for 3 months, to see if she will feel better. This is too long in my oppinion for anyone to be in pain. He also wants to wean her off of her reflux meds in 3 months. He said this right after I said that she refluxes if we miss one does. Lastly, he lied about how many biopsies were taken. He told me that he took one from the esophagus and one from the stomach. The esophagus one was lost. His nurse told me that there is no record of the esophagus one on the surgical report.

3 - A feels so much better on the current diet. I am worried about nutrition and calories. She does not eat enough food most days and has been refusing her Splash.

4 - tomorrow we head to the new GI for A's first appt.