Friday, December 28, 2012

4iscrazy, but 5 is.....

I guess I should finally announce on here what has been known on Facebook for ages. I am expecting baby number 5!  Yes, the Wondertwins will be big sisters in a few months. I am due with  Sea Monkey (the name given to the baby by Wondertwin C).

This has been a fairly difficult (aka normal for me) pregnancy. I am 19 weeks along tomorrow, and the morning sickness, that lasted all day, seems to be gone. The "Irritable Uterus" contractions started on Christmas Eve. They are coming 2-5 mins apart for about 60-90 mins 3-4 times per day.

We find out if Sea Monkey is a he-baby or a she-baby on Jan 7th.

Please pray that the contractions do not cause progression, that they do not cause me to go nuts, and that I can remain patient with the 4 cuties I have with me now.