Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We visited the hospital!

What a night!! Around noon today, I was in pain, by 1:30 or so the pain became rhythmic. I tried a shower, drinking more water, resting, and nothing helped. By 5 the contractions were 2 mins apart, mild to moderate in strength. Off to L and D we went, all 6 of us.  At 6:30, Jeremy took the girls to the Cathedral for Religious Ed (it is just a couple blocks from the hospital). Just after he left, I was checked, and dilated to almost 2, which is where I still am. Tests showed mild dehydration and a very mild UTI. 2 bags of fluid later, and a script for meds for the UTI, and we are finally home. Baby is still where he belongs, inside of me, and still moving like crazy.  Hopefully we have no more false alarms!!! I am so proud of our girls, they endured a very boring late night, while hungry, and did it with minimal whining.