Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making Picking up Fun

So today we are trying to pick up the daycare room (aka toss-all-toys-in-here-on-the-floor-room). Curly Girl was getting bored and decided to don a sword (duct tape + pvc pipe + pool noodle) and a hook (AG doll hanger) and become a captain. I became the one who told Cap'n Pain in the Tush (yes CG liked the name) where to put things....

e.g. - Cap't go to Box House City and get the pricess's dress and deliver it to her closet!

Daddy just told her to clean off the table - she was quite upset - I rephrased it to- "please take all dishes from the table and place them in the gally sink" - so much better for the Cap'n. LOL

A little funny for you...

Today the Wondertwins have decided that their room is off limits to everyone except themselves. The way they announced it was, "Hear Me, Hear Me..."

I just cannot bring myself to correct them LOL.

Unrelated note - I ran my very first 5K yesterday with a time of 37:32. I was thrilled with my time, I wanted to be under 40 minutes.

Also, Friday it seems that I fed Wondertwin A something that is should not have - she has been in pain ever since - poor baby.