Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Allergist update

Our allergist is leaving OSF. Sad, sad, sad day. Luckily, she may be going into practice closer to us.

Today - Wondertwin A was put on inhaled steroids to get her "Reactive Airway Disease" aka asthma under control. We also have put in for this nebulizer. It is super tiny, smaller than my digital camera and silent. Since A will be using it daily, silent would be a big help. Please pray that insurance agrees with us.

Wondertwin C will be doing a pear food challange once our allergist gets settled. We are not confident that she will pass, but we want to be 100% sure that the reactions to unknowns are actually hidden pear.

Curly Girl - starting Nasocort tomorrow. She is pretty gunky, so hopefully this will help.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The girls at Rock City in Chattanooga TN.

Way over due update

I must apologize to my real family and my blog family. I know that many of you rely on this blog to keep you updated on the status of little A, but I have been unable to post. So here is the short and dirty version...

  • biopsies from 2nd EGD came back clear - with means that A does not have EE or that if she does have EE, then we have eliminated the food(s) causing it
  • We agreed to a 4 week food trial for corn. A failed it in 7 days, we kept her on for 10 to be sure. Symptoms: painful tummy, clingy, crying, insomnia, moody, reflux, coughing
  • Removed corn from her diet: long term.... we did not remove corn derivatives such as malodextrin, but we did remove corn syrup and corn starch this time.
  • Accidentally gave her powdered sugar (has corn starch) - painful tummy and clingy
  • Mid Sept to mid Oct - food trial for wheat. She passed and is eating it in all forms multiple times daily
  • Weight history June 30, July 31 lbs, Aug 30 (due to corn fail), Sept 31 , Oct 32
  • Since the weight is going in the correct direction (UP), we will not trial foods at this time.
She has also had a respiratory infection (flu?) which led to a pretty stressful week of ongoing asthma issues. Currently, she is having GI issues (diarrhea) and a cough. I really hope the fever stays away.

In other news - Curly Girl had pneumonia last week. She is better, but her asthma also flaired.