Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Curly Girl is no longer curly...

Well, our little curly girl is not only "not curly" she is officially bald.  Before going into the story, I want to remind you what CG looked like before.

Now for the back story...

Curly Girl has always had a soft spot for children with cancer, even though she does not personally know anyone who has cancer.  Her grandmother died as a result of complications due to cancer before Curly Girl was born.   Curly Girl's older sister, Diva showed Curly Girl a story about a girl shaving her head for cancer, in an American Girl magazine.  Curly Girl came to us asking if she could raise money and shave her head.  After telling her to pray about it for a few days, we agreed to allow it.

I searched online to find a local event for St. Baldrick's.  The only local event was a BaseBald event with Loras and Coe College Baseball teams.  They agreed to let Curly Girl join their team.   Curly Girl has raised just over $2000 for the event, she raised more than any other participant.  She was also the only girl who had her head shaved that day and the youngest person. 

Curly Girl  was the first to have her head shaved, followed by her dad, the Loras College baseball team, coaches, staff, and the Coe College team and staff.  Capri College in Dubuque sent caring young woman to shave the participants.

This event has grown beyond what we could have ever imagined.  Not only did CG raise way more money that we expected, she has been contacted by 2 members of St. Baldrick's staff, and shaken many hands. There is even a chance that her story could be published in an American Girl magazine as a follow up to the original story.

If you would like to make a donation, it is still open - Curly Girl's Site .

oops....I forgot the "after" shot...she is so stinkin cute as a Baldy!