Monday, January 12, 2009

What color is yours?

Today Wondertwin A received her new MedicAlert bracelet. All 3 little girls had outgrown their bracelets and their allergies had changed, so replacements were ordered.

Today they were comparing colors. WT A said that hers was the same color as purple cabbage, which she then requested for snack. While, Curly Girl's is orange, her favorite color. WT C's is pink of course, because every princess needs a pink allergy bracelet.

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Amy said...

Seriously Purple Cabbage? She requested to eat it? I'm amazed. My boys are horrible eaters. Monday I substituted at the preschool. A 3 year old little boy ate a whole bag full of spinach leaves with a bit of ranch dip. I was shocked. If I hadn't sat there and watched I would have accused him of throwing them away!
Hats off!