Friday, February 27, 2009


I spoke with the allergist's office today. I wanted to touch base regarding little A's reflux. I was informed that A has severe reflux. Until today, I did not know if she fell on the severe or mild end. Now I know. I also asked if the Prevacid should get rid of ALL of the reflux, or if we would still need to change diet. I was told that once the meds start working, we should be fine to eat whatever we want (avoiding allergens of course).

Where we stand:
- we pulled tomatoes from A's diet, for now, because it is a known reflux inducing food for her
- we know that A does not seem to feel pain from her reflux - or her pain tolerance is very high
- A will be at a 45 degree angle as she falls asleep - due to the fact that her bedtime snack is being refluxed
- A will not be allowed to drink from her water bottle after 7 pm

When I told A that the docs asked for the above changes in her life, she said okay Mom. No arguments, nothing. Thank you God for this little trooper, the only one of our girlies who could handle these changes in stride.

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Anonymous said...

Such Sweeties! I will say a prayer for them today - we are so blessed to have our kids, aren't we? My girls are now teens!

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