Sunday, May 10, 2009

Allergist and GI update

We saw the allergist and GI nurse on Thursday.

Curly Girl and Wondertwin C had their regular 6 mos allergy appointment. Nothing new was determined, no testing done.

Wondertwin A - a different story....

So, A had her scope, and it was visually clean, and the 1 biopsy taken (from her stomach) was also clear. Her GI said that she does not have EE or Celiac based on this one scope and one biopsy. You really do need more than 1 biopsy, more like 15-20 to rule out EE.

We went to our 4 week post scope appt, with the allergist first then the GI nurse. The allergist was confused about the scope. She referred us due to suspected EE and wanted more biopsies taken. A has lost weight in the last 4 weeks, therefore, we were advised to give her 3 servings per day of EO28 Splash or Neocate - these are Amino Acid formulas for children with severe GI issues or multiple food allergies. We have samples of each, and A likes the Splash.

At the GI appt, the doc was on vacation and therefore not available. The nurse was confused about why only 1 biopsy was taken. Based on A's history, she was expecting EE also. She gave us more Neocate and Splash samples.

We go back to the allergist in August for patch testing, with an appt with the GI nurse the same day.

A is currently self limiting amounts of food to about 1/3 of what she used to eat, so less than 1/2 of what she needs.

She is off:
allergies: chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood
sister's allergy: pear
reflux triggers (suspected): tomato, dairy, citrus, mint, chocolate

She also tests negative to all foods on RAST and SPT.

We will continue to call it "multiple food allergies with GERD" and treat her as if she has EE/Eos.

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