Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review of Radiantly You Products

Have you heard of the up and coming MLM business that sells natural products for your family?
Radiantly You  is so new that they have not officially launched the business yet. There are some people who have joined at the ground floor just before this business takes off. I was offered some products to review for y'all.

First off, my favorite! I have a baby now, so something to put on a sore bum is necessary. I was given a sample of Booty Balm to try with Baby Man. I love it! What do I love about it?
- it is not greasy/slimy
- it is safe for cloth diapers
- it works quickly
- it smells great (there is a common diaper cream that starts with D that makes me nauseous)
- it is safe for most food allergies, which is a huge deal around here
- best of all - it works on ECZEMA!

Next I was given a bottle of All Natural Counter Spray to try. I am one of those mean moms who require their children to clean. They take care of most of the house work, and are improving on how well they do it lol. One thing I have never liked about the kids cleaning is the use of harmful chemicals. Over the years, I have tried different products, and most worked all right. The RY Counter Spray works well too. I was quite pleased when it was able to wipe up dried on maple syrup, which seems to be difficult to remove at times.

I also tried the Vanilla Coconut Toothpaste. I personally love using it! It makes my mouth feel very clean, but in a family this size there will always be dissent when it comes to toothpaste. Here is the breakdown:
Me- I love it!
The Dad - cannot stand it, the taste was the problem, he dislikes both coconut and vanilla
Diva Girl - she loves it and is taking some to Franciscan camp with her
Curly Girl - she tolerates it and says it works well for cleaning her Othrotain
Wondertwins - both could take it or leave it, but the baking soda feels weird in their mouths

There has not been a RY product that I have tried and disliked. I really like that all the products are safer than commercial products, especially now that I have a crawling, climbing, busy little man.

Go check out Radiantly You, You will not be disappointed!

*Disclaimer: RY products were donated for me to review, but my opinions are my own


ML said...

Great review! I definitely will give this a try.

Ruth Becker said...

My husband and I both like the toothpaste but I have to admit that I add more coconut oil to my container to make it softer and easier to apply to my brush. (Actually I put some coconut oil and the toothpaste in another small container to mix them together more easily.) Tom and I both like the the "clean" feel and taste afterwards and we like that they are made with natural products.

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Blogger said...

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