Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok, so Diva has decided on a new way to make mealtimes (and cooking) crazy for me. Now that we no longer have to avoid dairy, eggs, nuts, etc - and meal planning and cooking had become almost routine, Diva has announced that she is a vegetarian.

Now, first of all, where did she hear this word? We really do not know. She has no friends that are vegetarian. It is so strange to hear her tell people that she is a vegetarian.

Second, she is pretty good at sticking with it. Well, for the past 3 days anyway. She even picked the sausage off of her school lunch pizza, skipped meatballs at dinner, and had a meatless taco. Today she forgot, and ate the sausage with "breakfast for lunch" at school. She told me it was because she is new at this. LOL

Diva has never been a big meat eater, but since we can't have yogurt in the house (that is a whole other post), and she cannot have more than 2 servings of milk in a day, I have a hard time know what to feed her. How much protein (and iron? is that in meat too?) does a smalling 6 year old need? What can I feed this child? Should I go back to sprinkling nutritional yeast on everything?

I will keep you updated on her progress. As a friend said, maybe it is a phase.

Crazy meter - this is how i guage my craziness for the day - today was a 8 out of 10. Twins up before 6, whiney all day, no nap, vegetarian Diva, Curly Girl to the dentist, babysitting, religious ed. - add all of that up, and you get an 8. Craziest moment? When Wondertwin A was crying for 20 minutes without taking a breath because I would not let her play with my PDA (the battery was almost dead), Wondertwin B crying because I would not hold her and because she was hungry. I would not hold her because I was trying to make dinner for her.

Crazy meter at the moment - a 2


VeganLinda said...

Here are some websites you might find helpful.

How interesting she came up with all by herself. I have a couple friends who are veg and started at her age...they didn't know anyone who was veg either, but just out of the blue.

I'm sure after all the allergy issues, this one will be easy.

Jennifer said...

How cool for Diva! I think that sounds just like her. :) Looks like Linda gave you lots of great links but I know vegitarians that don't eat Dairy so it is do-able. What I think it will take is getting it all figured out - which you are way used to with allergies. Maybe find some high protein items she enjoys and make sure she is getting those things.