Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wondertwins stike again!

No pics, but a play by play....

The twins were happily watching Dora in the playroom while the big girls and I played Wii. We checked on them often, at first. Then we got into the game and did not check on them for about 10 minutes.

In that time....

C pushed the chair over to the counter, climbed up, and learned a few life lessons. A was also there learning lessons.

Lesson 1: Just because it looks like chocolates does not mean it is tasty. The sampled some unsweetened baking chocolate.

Lesson 2: Same as one! They also sampled some concentrated (for candy) toffee flavor.

Lesson 3: Sprinkles are yummy!

Lesson 4: If you lick the top of the cinnamon and sugar, it is very tasty!

Lesson 5: Do not take the blame for the problem, blame your twin. A came in, showed me the baking chocolate bar, told me it was yucky, and blamed C.

Lesson 6: Mommy will turn Dora off if you do all of the above.


Becca said...

Kids are funny when they tell on themselves!

Mimi said...

I got a nice laugh from reading this!