Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Allergist update

Our allergist is leaving OSF. Sad, sad, sad day. Luckily, she may be going into practice closer to us.

Today - Wondertwin A was put on inhaled steroids to get her "Reactive Airway Disease" aka asthma under control. We also have put in for this nebulizer. It is super tiny, smaller than my digital camera and silent. Since A will be using it daily, silent would be a big help. Please pray that insurance agrees with us.

Wondertwin C will be doing a pear food challange once our allergist gets settled. We are not confident that she will pass, but we want to be 100% sure that the reactions to unknowns are actually hidden pear.

Curly Girl - starting Nasocort tomorrow. She is pretty gunky, so hopefully this will help.


Mimi said...

I hope all of this gets resolved. I'm praying for you guys!
Now, seriously, your girls are absolutely beautiful!
That is a really great picture, and they all look so happy and healthy.

Sam said...

I agree with Mimi, I browsed your blog to see some pictures and you are all beautiful. I hope your allergist are doing just fine.

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Mimi said...

Just stopping in to say hi. How are you doing? busy with Christmas and your girls?