Monday, October 26, 2009

Way over due update

I must apologize to my real family and my blog family. I know that many of you rely on this blog to keep you updated on the status of little A, but I have been unable to post. So here is the short and dirty version...

  • biopsies from 2nd EGD came back clear - with means that A does not have EE or that if she does have EE, then we have eliminated the food(s) causing it
  • We agreed to a 4 week food trial for corn. A failed it in 7 days, we kept her on for 10 to be sure. Symptoms: painful tummy, clingy, crying, insomnia, moody, reflux, coughing
  • Removed corn from her diet: long term.... we did not remove corn derivatives such as malodextrin, but we did remove corn syrup and corn starch this time.
  • Accidentally gave her powdered sugar (has corn starch) - painful tummy and clingy
  • Mid Sept to mid Oct - food trial for wheat. She passed and is eating it in all forms multiple times daily
  • Weight history June 30, July 31 lbs, Aug 30 (due to corn fail), Sept 31 , Oct 32
  • Since the weight is going in the correct direction (UP), we will not trial foods at this time.
She has also had a respiratory infection (flu?) which led to a pretty stressful week of ongoing asthma issues. Currently, she is having GI issues (diarrhea) and a cough. I really hope the fever stays away.

In other news - Curly Girl had pneumonia last week. She is better, but her asthma also flaired.

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