Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have been lacking in gratitude, and happiness, lately. I think part of it has been the weather, or maybe I need happy pills. Either way, I figure maybe being thankful for what I do have will help, and at least it will be a good thing, even if it does not help.

Anyway - here goes - in no particular order!
1 - We leave for Disney in 8 mos and 3 days - and the kids have no idea!
2 - I have 4 wonderful daughters who love to make me laugh.
3 - I have a wonderful husband of 12 years!
4 - God watches over me and He seems to have a lot of faith in what I can handle :)
5 - Anastasia is not as sick as she was one year ago.
6 - We have a great house that keeps us safe and warm.


Mimi said...


Julia said...

I use to have a gratitude journal and have forgotten about it...thank you for the reminder as it really helps to see God's blessings more clearly.

Julianne said...

i have 4 little girls too!

Lucy said...

I've had health issues for so long my self-pity was wearing my gratitude pretty thin! Lately I just think about the people in Haiti living in those tents, sleeping on the ground, eating boiled toilet paper!!! No clean clothes, shower, air conditioning...etc..etc. My husband ran out and got me a popsicle last night...I live like a Queen!!! :)