Thursday, February 18, 2010

Overdue update

Wondertwin A had another endoscopy and an MMI impedence study. Here are her results.

Endoscopy - stomach lining is still swollen and irritated, biopsies do not show EOS. Doc has never given me the numnbers of eos (if any) that he finds. He did say that EGID is still his number one theory about Wondertwin A. He also believes that we had the trigger foods removed before the first reliable EGD was done.

Impedence study showed that her throat clearing, coughing, and other weird throat sound are not related to reflux at all.

He doubled her Prevacid to 60mg daily. These seems like a huge dose for my little girl.

We go back March 11th. Unless she gain quite a bit of weight, we will schedule the ng tube placement at that time. She had lost weight again between the EGD and the day we were there for results.

A picture of all of her loot from the day! Beary3 from the GI staff, Minnie Mouse from Peds, blanket from Project Linus, Curious George from us, and 2 activity books from her sisters.


Herd Momma said...

Blessings friend. Sorry Little A is having to under go so much. She seems to be handling most of it well. Big Hugs and update us as you can.

Mimi said...

I hope that she will do much better with her new dosage. Your girls are so beautiful and precious and I can just imagine how stressful this must be for you!
Sending prayers and well wishes for your little angel.

Lucy said...

I'm sending a prayer request to Lourdes from my blog for your adorable little girls. I know we can always trust her when we place our difficulties in her care.
In Christ,