Friday, April 18, 2008

Mothering on Modays (of Friday)

Ok, so it is not Monday. But with 2 year old twins, something planned for Monday often gets done Friday nite.

Despite an early wake up call, compliments of the earthquake, today was wonderful in our crazy household. Today was "Dad's" birthday. All of the girls worked together this morning to make him feel special. They sang happy birthday at least 5 times, snuggled him awake, assisted in making cupcakes, and were on their best behavior. I just love watching the girls all interact with their Daddy.

Another thing that I love about being a Mom - realizing that even though the girls look like their daddy, Diva and Curly have many of my traits. I just wish they had inherited my good traits! I am reading Raising Your Spirited Child and as I discovered the girls traits in it, I realized that I had more of the spirited traits than they do. At least I can relate!

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tikvah73 said...

Great picture! Thanks for joining Mondays on Mothering with us! Looks like Dad's birthday was a big hit. Blessings,

Amy B