Monday, October 6, 2008

My baby is 7

Today marks the day that I became a mother. Diva was born at 7:32 am on Oct. 06, 2001. I cannot believe that she is 7. She is a total drama queen, who loves everything about Hannah Montana, High School Musical, math, designing clothing, her little sisters, and hates her school uniform, when her sisters get into her stuff, and chores.

We had a cheerleader birthday party for her. Family friends, who are cheerleaders at a local high school, came and taught the girls some cheers and cheer jumps. The girls all had a blast and I did not have to come up with games. It was a great party for everyone!

Here is the cake that I made. It turned out all right. - Oh, and for the unenlightened, EHS stands for East High School, the school in the High School Musical trilogy.


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Diva! Sounds like a fun party. I was a cheerleader for Halloween when I was 7 - I wonder if my mom still has the costume!

Great job on the cake!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your dd!

And that cake is awesome.:) My 4yo son and I can't wait for HSM3 to come out-2 weeks!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds so fun! The cake looks great. I sure miss you!!