Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanksgiving plans!

Due to food allergies, we will not be having turkey on Thanksgiving. Wondertwin A is allergic to chicken and turkey (and other things). Due to the same allergy, and a need for tradition, some family members who cannot imaging Thanksgiving without turkey will not be attending our feast. I am okay with that. I love having holidays where my girls can eat everything at the table. This only happens when I cook the food myself.

Who is coming!
Kent, Kim, Koty
Scot, Debbie, 3 or 4 teens
Us - 6

I think that is all - so a grand total of 18 people! That is a lot of food to make!

Ham (aka dead pig according to my girls)
Mashed potatoes
Ham gravy (if it turns out)
Cranberries - the yummy HFCS shaped like the can type
Waldorf/Apple salad - by request - anyone have a tried and true recipe?
Homemade yeasty roll
Hopefully strawberry pretzel dessert
Pies - rhubarb/strawberry and pumpkin

I need more food inspiration! Please leave a comment on your fave holiday food. We avoid: turkey, chicken, fish, seafood, and pears.


listplanit said...

I always have to have a sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving. I keep searching for the one that will wow each of my family members. It is fun to keep trying new recipes.


HDMac said...

Sounds like a yummy menu! I love ham. I admit that I love turkey for Thanksgiving but certainly understand allergies!!! Turkey can be had anyday! Family memories and fun are made for holidays!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Tracy said...

I second the sweet potatoes, although my recipe is pretty simple, and doesn't have the marshmallows. I also love stuffing, which you could still make even without the bird, although it would be "dressing" then, I suppose. You could just use veggie broth to make it instead of chicken. I recently posted a recipe for cherry apple crisp on my blog that is really good and simple also.

Connie said...

That is too bad about the allergies. Ham is always popular at my house any time of year!

I have never had Waldorf Salad but it sounds great! I may add that to my menu....seems healthier than some of the other salads I make.

mom2owen1 said...

we like to dress up our mashed potatoes by adding cream cheese then baking in the oven until the top is browned. back when i was eating diary of course.

the ham (with mustard sauce) and rolls are my favorite parts of the holiday meal. i also like the homemade chex mix and the pies.