Monday, June 2, 2008

Definately Like her Daddy

My 6 year old (Diva) is obsessed with HISTORY and POLITICS. The 2 classes I avoid like the Plague. Her daddy just told her that we are going on a family vacation to Springfield IL, where she can see A. Lincoln's Museum (and burial place) and she did a cheerleader jump and yelled "YES."

She also mentioned wanting to be president. And mentioned something about Barack Obama won last night. She was a little confused about the outcome of last night, but what 6 year old even knows the name Obama!

One reason that this is a problem, we are more than likely homeschooling. She will know more about politics than me, before the end of this election. And, more history than me by the end for first grade.

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VeganLinda said...

How funny about Diva. She'll probably know more about politics than most adults in the US. I think there are a lot of people confused about Obama and Clinton. :-)