Monday, June 9, 2008

Grandpa Ed and our Lives

Grandpa Ed was married to Grandma Betty for over 50 years. I only knew him for less than 10 years. In those years he became a very big part of our lives.

Just 2 examples:
1- our wedding day - Grandpa Ed had had a stroke before we met. This cause different medical problems and various hospital stays. One of those stays was on our wedding day. Since he could not make it to our wedding, we decided to visit him. After the wedding, on the way to the reception, we detoured to his hospital bed. He cried. That is one of the most clear memories of that wonderful day.

2- twins - He was able to meet Diva and Curly Girl. He knew we were pregnant. He knew we thought I was pregnant with twins. On the day of his visitation, we had our sonogram. We confirmed it was twins. I was on cloud nine and at the same time very sad. It is really difficult to he ecstatic and mournful at the same time. We did not want to tell people at the visitation, it seems wrong somehow. But, we knew we would not lie. The first thing Grandma Betty did was ask if it was twins, and then she told everyone else about it. We knew that Grandpa Ed knew we were having twins before we did. It was wonderful to be able to cheer everyone up with our wonderful news.

There were other times, that I cannot remember now, where Grandpa Ed had a huge impression on our lives. Maybe the Dad will chime in and post.

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