Sunday, June 29, 2008

Organizing the laundry/mud room

Inspired by the Oranization Junkie I am working on finally getting this house set up and organized. With homeschooling starting soon, we need some order around here!

The obligatory "before" picture. Here is the mudroom/laundry room before. This is not anywhere near the worst is gets.

With 6 of us, we needed some way to keep track of shoes, book bags, coats, etc. Each girl and I have a hook. The girls each have a backpack on theirs, and a jacket. Some have epi-pen holders hanging there too. Mine has a sweatshirt and a jacket.

Below the hooks, you can see the drawers. Each of us has one, and each person knows which is their's by color. All shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, etc go into these drawers.

This alone has saved us at least 15 minutes every Sunday morning when we need shoes for Mass.

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