Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things I have said this morning..

...and it is not even 9 am....

- please do NOT stand on the guitar
- Curly Girl if you break you arm, we cannot go to the pool
- yes, of course, you may have 2 shokwit chwips for pottying
- C, where is your night night diaper? (she took it off, dry, in her bed)

- C: Look Mommy a ball poopy.
- M: Yes sweetie, it is a ball poopy.
- C: Can I pway wif it?
- M: No, you cannot play with it, even though it is a ball.

Ok, not really that funny to others, but I thought it was odd that I have said all of this before my morning coffee!

A picture just for fun:

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