Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too much TV?

So, I am trying to decide if my children watch too much Food Network...

Today, Diva and Curly Girl decided to have a Food Network Challenge: Hawaii Cakes.

They came up with the theme, all designs, the idea itself, and did it all independently of me.

Sorry for the poor pictures, I used my husband's iphone.

The picture above is Diva's cake - notice the standing palm tree and volcano.

Diva's on the left, Curly Girl's on the right.

Diva's - top view - notice the flamingo and palm tree confetti glued on.

CG's - top view - more confetti.

I do believe that the confetti may have been their inspiration. This project took them about an hour. They were totally independent. They had a blast. Then, they wanted me to choose a winner. Um, no. They both are winners!

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