Friday, January 20, 2012

Homeschool or Catholic School?

Where should Diva attend middle school...that is the question.  We are close to making a decision, but really want to know that we are following God's chosen path for our little family.

1) - homeschool: easy enough, keeping the status quo, can challenge her when necessary, more one on one, ability to follow her lead, we LOVE using Seton, more time with Mom

2) - Catholic Middle School - we always planned to send them to middle school, more opportunties, more independence, great curriculum, school is able to deal with her individual needs, she wants to attend

There are many more reasons for both choices, right now we are close to a decision.  She will attend the middle school next Tuesday as a 6th grader for a day.  She is very excited!  In the morning, Hubby and I (and 3 little girls) will have a meeting with the principal answer some final questions.

Please pray that we make the right decision for Diva, for our family, and in obedience to His Will.

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Mimi said...

She must be very excited!