Monday, January 23, 2012

Weird Phase of Life

Have you ever gone through a phase of life where it seems like life moves on without you? I am feeling that way lately.  I know that most of it is because we moved, and therefore life in IL is moving on without us, as it should.  It still makes me a little sad that my friends' lives are moving on, their children are growing up, without us. I also realize that we are growing, changing, making new friends here, without our old friends.

I wish I knew how to ensure that the girls and their IL friends, and me and mine, all remain friends despite the distance.

With the consideration of middle school for Diva, I wish for my old support group so that I could discuss it with them. I know there is the phone/facebook/email, but alas, my friends are busy and not able to chat with me about it.  Wow!  That sounded whiney, and I really do not mean it to.

Reacting to change is difficult....for all of us.
God Bless

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Angie said...

Aw Angi, hang in there. I can only empathize with your move. And even though I am glad your here (another crunchy mom!) that transition is always difficult. Yet God's at work in all this...turn to Him with those whineys and He won't let you down.

Glad you posted your blog!