Friday, January 13, 2012

A year in pictures

A new daycare family, we all fell in love with Lil Dude

First play for the 3 youngest, 2nd for oldest...Sneakydiddle

1st visit to Dubuque - in the 4th St Elevator

2nd year in t-ball for the twins, Mom's first year coaching
On our way to Disney!

Starting down the Irish Dance path
Yes, Diva was in another play, this time it was "Once Upon a Shoe" - everyone was dual/triple/quadruple cast

Hanging out at the Roshek (aka IBM) building

Saying Good-Bye to old friends

Attended a wedding

Meeting new friends
Welcome to Iowa!

1st day of public school....orchestra
The day we became "those new neighbors ;)"

American Heritage Girls

American Girl Club

New Hobbies

New Look

New Favorite Sport and New Year

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Jennifer said...

Love love this!!! Made me want to see you even more!!!