Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Music and dance

If you are from a non-musical family, like I am, and marry a musician, you might want to consider putting earplugs' and music or dance lessons on your baby registry.

Don't ever ever ever name a child Cecilia if music makes you crazy. It seems that St.Cecilia has blessed our wonder twin C with a love of music and uncanny musical abilities. Sadly, she did not bless me with the necessary love of music to parent this child. LOL

My house is very loud,and yes the girls talk a lot, which adds to the noise, but most of it is music. At this moment, there are 3 violins playing, not the same songs, not together, and one drum pad. Thank goodness we did not buy a drum lol. I may send a thank you card to the man at the music store that mentioned that children usually do not play an actual drum until middle school.

After violin practice,the girls are supposed to practice Irish Dancing, but I think they may have to wait. I cannot handle anymore music right now! I am thrilled that they will be able to go outside and ride scooters at lunch, hopefully some of the energy will decrease.

In the dream house,that I would to build someday, there will be a sound proof music room, with a dance floor...and a bathroom that has a door to the backyard. My friend has a bathroom that opens outdoors (and indoors), best idea ever!

On a related note....anyone know of a good pair of ear plugs...


Cecilia said...

Greetings. We are also are blessed with St. Cecilia (my oldest name and myself, who she plays the violin and piano and sings). We are also so blessed to have a husband who plays the violin and our home is full of music of all kinds.

I wanted to let you know that you won the St.Philomena Book, please email me your address @ Cecilia4kids@gmail.com.. God Bless and Have a wonderful Day!

Angela said...

LOL!! I am the music lover in my family...I only have one child that seems to enjoy it as well. I thought I could somehow pursuade them into becoming the next generation of VonTraps, but no such luck! Ha! I began playing piano for our church 9 days after I was confirmed with the name Cecilia. Three years later, I became the Music Director. Praise God for music lovers! Good luck on your earplug endeavors!Many blessings to you and yours!